Young kids runaway, here’s how we can help


James Tzec, Editor-In-Chief

     Children running away from home should be a matter we consider seriously since it has implications not only for individual families but entire communities across the globe. Many young people decide to leave homes due to family issues consisting of disputes with caregivers over rules or regulations imposed on them along with repetitive altercations too sometimes involving abuse especially verbal brutality impacting their self-esteem so much that they’re impelled into resorting drastic measures such are abandoning the place they once called home. Similarly, certain experiences such as instances of neglect can leave lasting impressions that are difficult to overcome leading the child to withdraw in search of a rather comforting refuge. 

devote time to understanding what motivates such behavior

     As responsible members of society, we ought to devote time to understanding what motivates such behavior and take pragmatic measures as required to ensure that these young people are protected from harm. Recent figures show that at least twenty thousand and five hundred children go missing each year with ninety percent being labeled “endangered runaways.” Of this population, nearly half had disagreements with parents or guardians before taking flight while most clarion their parents encouraged them or were cognizant of the absences but did not stop them; a phenomenon that is disturbing at best. Introspectively surveying abominable conditions, it’s observed eighty percent of underage girls escaping abusive domiciles while nearly seventy-five percent have gone through sexual abuse beforehand as well. Additionally, over forty percent of runaway kids confess physical or sexual bribery occurring either concurrently with their departure or preceding thereof.

     Educating parents, guardians, and children about effective communication, controlling conflict, and emotional health can create supportive family situations that decrease the likelihood of children bolting from their families. This is one way we can contribute to the solution of this issue. Schools and community organizations may be a huge help in providing this instruction. Making sure that runaway children have access to safe temporary accommodation is a further strategy to address this issue. To do this, it may be necessary to set up crisis centers, shelters, or foster care programs where kids can find a safe space while their predicament is evaluated and suitable long-term solutions are explored.

     The final way to help this problem is by giving the runaway rehabilitation when the kid is back home safe and sound. This may entail continued therapy, educational help, career development, and support in mending constructive familial connections. This can help them speak what is on their mind and help them realize that they are safer now before they ran away. The issue of runaway children requires our focus and concerted efforts to safeguard and assist these helpless people. We may effectively work toward resolving this issue by comprehending the underlying reasons, putting preventative measures into place, bolstering support systems, and assuring coordination among essential stakeholders. We can foster an atmosphere where kids feel loved, valued, and safe by working together.

     The underlying socioeconomic issues that contribute to the problem of runaway children must also be addressed. Youth vulnerability and the likelihood that they may run away from home can be exacerbated by poverty, substance misuse, mental health issues, and institutional injustices. We can improve the environment for kids by addressing these core reasons through focused interventions including initiatives to fight poverty, easily available mental health care, and dealing with substance addiction problems. In order to ensure the welfare and future success of runaway children, which will eventually result in stronger and healthier communities, a comprehensive strategy that combines prevention, intervention, and support is essential. If you are going through any of the problems that are stated above, please seek help from the source below.