Hawkins v Stella High, Senior Night

Stacy Santamaria, Reporter

On February 2, 2023, Hawkins High girls’ soccer team had their very last home game against Stella High also known as Senior Night. All seniors were anxious before the game because no one is ever really prepared to play their last game. This game started at 4:30 pm so the Lady Hawks began warming up around 3:00 pm.

Once the game started, everyone was playing with their heart out. No one was giving up and playing like there was no tomorrow. Throughout the first half, the game got so intense because there were many attempts by both teams to score but no one scored. The opposing team then started getting frustrated and started to say not so nice things to Hawkins. Then the first half ended.

The opposing team then started getting frustrated

Once the second half began, the opposing team started to play super dirty. They were pushing people, pulling hair “accidentally”, etc. Then the coaches from the opposing team started getting involved and talking badly toward the refs for simply doing their job. While the coaches argued with the refs… the clock was ticking and everyone started getting angry because they were wasting time. So then, the ref gives the coach who was arguing the most a yellow card and remains silent for the rest of the game. During this half, everything sort of got crazy. Players were turning their backs on each other, players were arguing with the opposing team, etc. Many got yellow cards and eventually, a player from the opposing team got a red card. Everything was just so chaotic but we managed to finish the match with thankfully no fights and the score remained at 0-0. 

After the match, the Lady Hawks started to recognize the seniors. For the first time this season, we managed to keep the score 0-0.  Throughout the season, the teams we played against always scored on the Lady Hawkins within the first 15-20 minutes and then players started to lose hope. In one match, the opposing team scored on the Lady Hawks just within 2 minutes, the Lady Hawks managed to keep the score at 0-0 against a team they lost 3-0 to is amazing to them. Anywho, one by one each senior received a poster and goodie basket made by their teammates. Their last game was definitely one of the best games the Lady Hawks played this season. Well played game and I’m sure each player enjoyed this game.