Journalism Photo Showcase

This event was hosted by the Journalism class and planned by Jessica and Ashley. Students showcased photos that they took during journalism class.We went to the library to open them and it felt like Christmas. Once that was done, we hung the pictures onto the pillars.





This is one of the photographers in journalism class. Her inspiration for her picture was a plate being in the garden. She questioned why there was a plate in the garden and took this opportunity to capture the reflection.





This is another photography student from journalism class. Her inspiration for this picture was that she was trying to find a nice texture, but decided to take a small break and then she saw her friend’s keys and captured the photo. It later became her favorite. 





This is the same photographer from before. Her motivation for this picture to catch emotion, not only in the face but the body and scenery. She liked how this photo turned out due to black and white dynamics. 






His motivation for this photo was to capture natural reactions from people. The person in the photo in the canvas is named Edgar Monets, and he was taking a picture when the photographer took a picture of him. The photo captures the photographer in their natural habitat. 





This is one of the photographers that captured a picture of a flower really close up. Her inspiration for this photo is that she noticed the flower from a far way and figured that it’s a flower called Birds of Paradise. What she wanted to show is the texture of what the flower looks up close.





Many students and teachers attended this event. We’re very grateful that we got the chance to show off our work throughout this event. Students worked very hard on these pictures and it was very appreciated seeing people look at our work .